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This is some of the art I've ever seen.

VonBoche responds:

That's the most thing I've ever been told

And thus, the trail of love ended not in a cry, nor a shout, but a shiver and a shudder and the light was gone. And the flight of the pants leads to the end of our journey

VonBoche responds:

It was quite a long journey too

Does it dig through the ditches and burn through the witches?
Could we maybe slam on its back?

GrimJimmy responds:

I don't see why not. lol


VonBoche responds:

And undoubtedly quite nutritious

Goddammit. I shoulda kept my mouth shut about the corny jokes.

VonBoche responds:

Too late. You brought this on yourself.

Shoot straight? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself

VonBoche responds:

I am güd writer

can you please do more of the arther characters? i'd pay a commission but i'm broke rn.
i remember there was one other bully and mr. ratburn. and those twins that hand out w/ d.w.

cchilab responds:

which ones

these two are super annoying. but amazing art!

VonBoche responds:

Thanks ! ... But I can't believe you find Xx~~KinkYWolF100~~xX annoying.

o hai mark.
also, i like the direction you're heading in, but maybe (i'm being constructive, i really like this) practice more with things like spacing, because it's great proportionally, but the hand seems a bit too small and close to the body. i had the same problems, but working with things like pose studies can really help!

DrunkenWiwar responds:

Awesome cheers mate! Yeah hands have always been..a thing.. but I'm getting more used to them I think,appreciate the feedback!

can we see more? this is fucking hot.

VonBoche responds:

I'm glad you like it ! It's the only pic I've got tho, it was suggested and voted on by my donators on patreon

In the wind and the rain of a cold dark night, that is where I will be


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